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Submitted on
October 10, 2013


18,745 (3 today)
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Win memberships and points! -CLOSED-

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 10, 2013, 7:59 AM

Edit: This action is now over, but if you carry on to promote my FB page and it will get close to 6000 likes, I will start a new one!

For your lovely support in the last time, I'm giving more than 5400 points to my supporters in the following competition.
I would like to have my Facebook page more promoted, to ensure that the promotion is more fun, you can win prizes. So tell all your friends and promote this project, so that I can award the prizes!!

How to join:

  1. like my Facebook page

  2. fav this journal

The offer is valid until Halloween - October 31st.

So try hard, tell your friends or post it in your journal, so that I can award all prizes.

Next 3-month premium membership will be given, when my Facebook page got 6,000 likes.

If you push it up to 9,000 likes, one will get another
3-month premium membership.

And if you reach 12,000 likes, a lucky one will get a
12-month premium membership.

The winners will be picked from their journal favourites numbers using "".
The winners can choose between 636 points/3-month premium membership and 2396 points/12-month premium membership.


Thank you for 3,000 likes on my Facebook page. I'm giving away 636 points (were choosen by the winner) to the (by choosen # 168: LINK
:icondaja88:  Milana and Filip by daja88 Lady by daja88 Orlando by daja88

Winner of the daily 50 points:

I also give away 1100 points! Every day I'll pick someone who has favored this journal. I'll use "" too.
Every day someone will win another 50 points!! I'll update this journal then.

All winners: LINK

Winner of 50 points (October 31th)
:iconynne-black: Hope :commission:. by ynne-black Count Girolamo Riario (Da Vinci's Demons) by ynne-black Show your colors by ynne-black

Winner of 50 points (October 30th)

:icondegasclover: ACEO -ON SALE- by DegasClover <da:thumb id="401554736"/> Sherlock ACEO -ON SALE- by DegasClover

Winner of 50 points (October 29th)

:iconalherya: Fujin by Alherya <da:thumb id="346898486"/> Gwen went pop art by Alherya

Winner of 50 points (October 28th)
:iconmisinna:Susan by Misinna Jacey Poster by Misinna Bethany by Misinna

Winner of 50 points (October 27th)
:iconchockoladien: Safe place by chockoladien Spread 2 of 3 by chockoladien pinkish by chockoladien

Winner of 50 points (October 26th)
:iconzidaria: <da:thumb id="400934865"/> <da:thumb id="406541894"/> <da:thumb id="407496146"/>

Winner of 50 points (October 25th)
:iconveelra: Lugh Akhtar by Veelra Nr.192 Nachtblau und Signalschwarz by Veelra Ich beschuetze dich by Veelra

Winner of 50 points (October 24th)
:iconkayalina: first tablet drawing! (Katniss) by Kayalina Gaze WIP by Kayalina .:Katniss:. by Kayalina

Winner of 50 points (October 23rd)

:iconwicked-illusion: Fading by Wicked-Illusion New Crows by Wicked-Illusion Pure by Wicked-Illusion

Winner of 50 points (October 22nd)
:iconfenna-maruda: Warsaw in air by fenna-maruda castle-mountain by fenna-maruda Krzywy Wroclaw 2008 by fenna-maruda

Winner of 50 points (October 21st)
:iconshimmer-thestral: If we burn,you burn with us-CRAYON MELTING ART by shimmer-thestral{halloween egg 1 hatched} by shimmer-thestral Deathly Hallows Chalk Art by shimmer-thestral

Winner of 50 points (October 20th)

:iconshaymin-chi: 69. Happy Halloween by Shaymin-chi 66. Let's Fly by Shaymin-chi 1. A World Without Colour by Shaymin-chi

Winner of 50 points (October 19th)
:iconichigomeichan: MoE : Birthday's Gift by ichigomeichan Happy Birthday Sonia! by ichigomeichan A hidden gift under the sea by ichigomeichan

Winner of 50 points (October 18th)

:iconrey-of-arcadia:  Reasons to Be Yourself
If I have to go on
A long rant about how awesome
Anyone is, they're awesome.
If I don't have to.
They're awesome.
There are a lot of reasons
To be Yourself.
And I mean every one of them.
Even if you don't believe me.
But I mean it.
And if you really need me
To tell you why I will.
One because you are
Someone who's one in a million
And there is no one else like you.
No one who can exactly act like you.
Because you have your own quirks
And special little things that make you you.
Two because you are
This person who cannot be replaced
And have done something
That has completely changed
Someone else's life.
Three because you are
You are brilliant, even if you don't think so.
You are unique, even it you don't know it.
You are loved by someone out there,
           Even if they don't show it.
Remember these reasons.
Out there, someone cares for you.
Anywhere really, just don't change yourself.
Be yourself, as hard as it is
And love who you are.
You might be
Humble, Sweet, Shy,
Emperor Penguins by Rey-of-Arcadia Star Girl by Rey-of-Arcadia 

Winner of 50 points (October 17th)

:iconsnow-lantern: Twitter Fanart by Snow-Lantern Desert by Snow-Lantern Jihoo Snow  by Snow-Lantern

Winner of 50 points (October 16th)

:iconwildphoenix22: Jared Fantasy by Wildphoenix22 Hero of Time by Wildphoenix22 Semera by Wildphoenix22

Winner of 50 points (October 15th)

:iconaivelis: You've been in the roses AGAIN? by Aivelis Anime: All together by Aivelis Colour SPLASH! by Aivelis

Winner of 50 points (October 14th)

:iconcheekybird: Finished XD by CheekyBird Owl by CheekyBird Johnny Depp WIP by CheekyBird

Winner of 50 points (October 13th)

:iconleokayla: A Tree by Leokayla My Oc's by Leokayla Realistic Girl by Leokayla

3rd winner of 50 points (October 12th)

:iconshatiel85: Close to you - Pirography gift by Shatiel85 Fatima in the night by Shatiel85 The Humanoid Races by Shatiel85

2nd winner of 50 points (October 11th)

:iconlonelyfullmoon:Elf Lady by LonelyFullMoon Lady Galadriel by LonelyFullMoon Thorin Oakenshield by LonelyFullMoon

1st winner of 50 points (October 10th)

:iconravenshymn: Book Cover Challenge by Ravenshymn Breaking Through by Ravenshymn Christmas Angel by Ravenshymn


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JennaveveRayenstone Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did it I promoted you a lot..but....I didnt get anything ohhh well....
AuroraWienhold Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Professional General Artist
That's sweet, but I can not influence a random principle. :nod:
Basket-Of-Fruit Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I did both, but is it too late??
supergirl220 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Student Artist
just liked your page on FB and just faved :D
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I liked your page, and faved as well :D Thanks for your generosity!
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I liked your page a while ago.
I started my page yesterday, so it's kinda new.
I'll be posting more stuff though. 
acjub Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Liked, with both my personal facebook, and my art page :D
Artsouls143 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Professional Filmographer
yeah its done 
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I was your fan on facebook already!! I love your art!
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