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October 22, 2011
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The request: Aurora, can you look at my gallery and give advice?
A: Unfortunately, probably not. Most of the time and in my free time I'm busy with creating own pictures. It keeps me very busy to
answer all the important questions about material and Co., and therefore I have little time to give commentaries on other images.

Q: May I take your pictures and customize them for my online portal sites? For example, as a background for facebook or twitter?
A: It all depends on the picture itself. Some artworks have a second author (photographer), who has provided me the reference, but don't want to see the final images outside of DeviantART. Therefore I can not give general permission and would say "rather not". :nod:

Q: How did you manage to enter to art school?
A: I had taken part of a course, where you can learn something about artist portfolios just before I made my application to the university. It is difficult to tell everything with words, but it is very important that the university committee sees not just images designed as school works in your folder (so the standard school program). All candidates will have similar images and it is better to stand out a little for getting a place. I had begun with my pictures about a year before the application.

Q: What brand of white ink do you usually use?
A: I usually use white China Ink from a brand called "Standardgraph".

Q: What brands do you use for your ink outlines?

I like to use brown or black ink by "Standardgraph - China ink" or "JAXink / ENCRE" for my outlines, when they have to be waterproof. I've to say I don't find much non waterproof brands these days. I also really love to paint with non waterproof inks too, but the only ones I found are from china and in black. If anyone knows non waterproof inks in brown or other colors, please tell me!!

Q: I'm a student and I have to study a select artist and I've chosen you. Tell me about your life as an artist. How you started and how you have gotten where you are now, etc...
A: That's really sweet of you. But I fear that I will not have the time to manage the project. As you may know it always takes a lot of time to answer all my messages and therefore the answer is not always immediate. I would ask you to read my FAQ carefully, if you want to have information about my career. This actually say anything important about me. I don't talk about the remaining private life to public.

Q: What specific type/brand of watercolour paper do you use?
A: Actually, I use a lot series of my favourite papers. I like to use "Britannia" from "Hahnemühle", rough or smooth does not matter, both are really great and they have 300g/m². I also use "D'Aqua", "Toscana" and "Allegretto" from "Hahnemühle". The "Montval" paper, the "Canson Studienaquarellblock" and the "1557" paper from "Canson" are my favorites of fine papers. For studies I have a "C À Grain Drawing" block from "Canson", but I also love to use inexpensive papers for exercises. Please do not buy too expensive blocks, if you make exercises. It releases a lot more to scribble on cheap paper. If you use water too, it should be as thick as possible, at least 200g/m².

Q: Any advice for scanning (my scanner doesn't pick up some strokes/colors)?
I had the same problem with my old scanner too and I still have problems to pick up fine strokes I did with gel pens, especially when I use metallic colors. :nod:
I sometimes use very strong colors, such as a flashy pink. The pink appears hardly after the scan. I use "Replace Color" then (I have CS4), select the color, and change the color saturation. In addition, I sometimes use the "Multiply" function (the upper layer with a low transparency) so that the bright scan shows a few more colors that were not visible at first.
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I was just wondering... in what order (if there is an order!) do you use the watercolours and coloured pencils (and ink, though I assume the ink is last?)?? Do you colour with the pencils then apply watercolour, or vice versa?  Or do you just use both randomly throughout the whole process?
I was looking at this piece in particular when I thought about it:
Great works, I love your gallery! :heart:
CelloChess Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi!! First of all I'd just like to say that I LOVE your work! So gorgeous :D I was wondering..I saw where you said you use Schmincke watercolors, but I also saw some round pans of watercolors. If you have time to answer this I was just wondering what kind those round ones are :)
AuroraWienhold Mar 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
I do not buy the watercolors in pans anymore. I collected so much empty pans over the years. I always refill them with a tube, like:… :nod:
Oh and the round ones are very very old pans, from my childhood.
They are from a children's paint box.
I really love you painting Fallen Colours, how much would it be?
AuroraWienhold Mar 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
Sorry it's not on sale. :(
Hallöchen! Eine Frage hätte ich auch nicht, ich hatte die hier noch nicht gesehen. Benutzt du irgendein Artist tape um dein Aquarell Papier fest zu kleben, oder lässt du das auf dem Block? Ich weiß das es ja bei Hahnemühle am Rand verleimt ist, aber ich hatte damit mal mehr und mal weniger gute Ergebnisse, was das Wellen anging. Ich habe aber auch noch kein wirklich gut ablösbares Tape gefunden, ich hatte mal was von Tesa, ein Kreppband, und sogar Babypflaster, aber alles hinterlässt Rückstände oder lässt sich nicht gut ablösen (=oberste Papierschicht geht mit ab). Einmal hab ich es auch mit Tackern versucht, aber das verzieht das Papier leider, egal ist wenn man es rahmt, wenn nicht aber schade ist.
Irgendwelche Ideen auf die ich noch nicht gekommen bin? Das würde mir sehr helfen!

Davon ab, ich liebe es mir deine Bilder anzugucken, grade die Tiger und Katzen in dieses wunderschönen, knalligen Farben...hach *.* ...wobei mir einfällt was ich schon länger fragen wollte: welches Pink und orange benutzt du? mein orange (von Schmincke) ist recht dunkel und eher rötlich als gelblich und mein Pink ist irgendwie nicht so...knallig, hot pink-mäßig.
Naja nach diese, langen post: Ich freue mich sehr wenn du Zeit hast mir zu antworten, genau wie ich mich jeden Tag freue auf deine Seite zu gehen und mir die neuesten Bilder anzugucken, oder meinen eigenen Print von dir hier zu bewundern ;) Liebe Grüße, Lastrekia
AuroraWienhold Mar 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
Weder noch. Ich hatte mich nie damit auseinandergesetzt meine Bilder festzukleben. Daher habe ich das noch nie probiert. ;) Ich lasse die Blätter auch nicht auf dem Block, weil dadurch Farbe hinters Blatt laufen könnte, was dann das nächste Blatt ruiniert. Da ich meistens bis zum Rand male, passiert das auch oft. Ich trenne die Blätter ganz einfach vom Block und habe sie auf meiner Pappunterlage, ohne irgendwelche Fixierung. Die Pappe ist von der Rückseite eines Blocks. Sieht man auch auf meinen Progressbildern. ;)
Bei lebendigen Farbe benutzte ich am liebsten Tusche. Bekommst du auch von Schmincke und ist sehr kräftig. Wenn du trockene Farben bevorzugst, kann ich auch Tempera empfehlen, da gibt es auch sehr kräftige Farben in Pink und Co. :)
Vielen Dank für die Ausführliche Antwort! Damit werde ich mich mal beschäftigen!
SuiPumpkin Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hi i was just wondering which reference you used for the Lannister work? I've been trying to find a large ref but that seemed to have been futile.  The end result is gorgeous, as most of your art but specially in love with that one. :D
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